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A Word of Advice from David Everett, Wedding & Event Planner

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A wedding day can be one of life’s most cherished memories. When planning a wedding, you want to make sure everything is perfect; florals need to be arranged, table cloths need to be straight, curls need to be fluffed, everything and everyone needs to look their best. Only the best event and wedding planners know how important it is to pay attention to every little detail.  David Everett, Senior Wedding & Event Planner at The JDK Group, explains how essential it is for a bride to hire a film maker on their wedding day.

“Cinematography is so key on the wedding day because they capture the day differently than a photographer does. It’s [the film] actually showing all the little details, the emotions as they walk into the room, the tears running down their faces at the ceremony….in film it’s truly an emotional connection you can re-live.”

-David Everett

Weddings by JDK

Last summer we had to privilege of filming many weddings produced by Weddings by JDK.  We also created a promotion film for them to showcase their amazing designs and couples.  Here a few links below of the weddings we filmed with them as well as their promotion film.

JDK Promotional

Valerie and Josh

Brittany & Jake

Deirdra & Uday Wedding Trailer