Liz + Karl | The Country Club of York

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Congratulations to Liz + Karl! Our favorite part of the day was when Liz surprised her father by wearing her mother’s wedding dress for the father daughter dance!

Proposal story told by Liz: It was just the two of us and we cooked dinner together before going to a concert. Later that evening, we were walking to a concert downtown and were passing over a walkway that has a great view of downtown Pittsburgh. As I was taking in the moment, Karl proceeded to open a small box with an engagement ring in it. I was in such disbelief that I didn’t hear him/don’t remember him asking me to marry him. Per my emotional response, Karl assumed I said “yes.”

Ceremony | The Country Club Of York

Reception | The Country Club Of York

Caterer | The Country Club Of York

Photography | Ashley Elizabeth Photography

Band | Klock Entertainment 

Meghan + Jacob | Riverdale Manor

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Congratulations to Meghan + Jacob!  It was truly the perfect day for a wedding at the stunning Riverdale Manor! The way this couple looks at each other is one of our favorite things about them!

Proposal story written by Jacob: First off… it was a train wreck. I spent a few weeks loosely planning and got more and more nervous having the ring in my possession. So day of, we went for a hike. Unfortunately, all vegetative wildlife is dead in late March. Gray, brown, dreary. The “beautiful” pond was scum-covered to the point that algae wouldn’t willingly inhabit it. Followed this failure with a trip to the Indian Echo Caverns. That would have been the best spot of the day. Beautiful sites, quiet. However, she did not want proposed to in front of people (I took it to the extreme of meaning anyone, she meant a large crowd, oops). I was pulling the ring out of my pocket when an unsuspecting tour group member turned around and walked back to us right as I was about to pop the question. Well, panic mode set in. Abort!! Abort!! Abort!! No more opportunities at the caverns, so I’m in full freak out mode trying to keep it calm in front of her and make further plans on the fly. At this point, we have tickets for Beauty and the Beast, so we leave there and head to the theater. Arrive at the theater just in time, so Meghan is sprinting in, and I yell at her to come back. In full panic mode standing behind her car, that’s where I decide to pop the question. I’ve never been one to plan well….

Ceremony | Riverdale Manor

Reception | Riverdale Manor

Ceremony Coordinator | Monica Wagner

Caterer | Thyme & Season Catering

Photography | Nathan Desch Photography

Florist | Petals With Style

Alexandra + Michael | Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square

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Congratulations to Alexandra + Michael! There are so many moments from this perfect day that we can’t get over! From Michael’s mother’s reaction when she saw him for the first time to Alexandra’s father’s speech (cue the tears). We are thrilled that we had the opportunity to capture their wedding!

Proposal story written by Alexandra: It happened on September 10th, 2016. He asked to take me to an early 6:00 dinner downtown (which I thought was weird because with his restaurant work hours our dinners are usually on “Greek Time” around 9:00!) Michael took me out to eat at Aussie and the Fox downtown, then we took a short walk to POUR restaurant on Prince St. We sat at a table outside in the courtyard curbside. He said that he had small little gift for me, and pulled out a handmade photo-album book. Handwritten on the outside cover was lyrics to our favorite song and sentimental sayings we have between the two of us. Michael being the romantic that he is, this was not too out of the ordinary, so “could he be proposing” did cross my mind, but I was not too surprised by his gift. But when I opened the book, I was surprised to see all of my handwritten love letters to him laminated inside… That past summer, Michael had traveled to Greece. During his 2 week trip, I surprised him by giving him one handwritten love letter from me for every day we would spend a part. The letters were sealed in envelopes that he was only supposed to open during specific moments such as: “open when a moment takes your breath away”, “open when you see your first sunset”, “open when you miss me”…etc. Michael saved every one of these letters and compiled them into the book. As I flipped through each page, I saw that he had answered every single one of my letters with a handwritten letter of his own. As I read through the letters and got to the last one, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I kept repeating “Are you serious?!” Without even glancing at the ring, I jumped into his arms, almost knocking the ring out of his hands. After many happy tears, I noticed lights flashing in our faces. It was Michael’s brother (who is a photographer) he had been hiding in the bushes and caught the whole thing on camera. The best part about the entire proposal was that after saying yes, I heard my mom’s voice chanting “She said yes!” I was quite confused when Michael told me to look up. To my surprise, my mom and Michael’s mom, along with our entire families were standing up in the Prince Street garage across the street above us watching the entire proposal! We were quickly joined by our family and went back to my house for a night of celebration together with my Yiayia and Papou (grandparents). Michael knew how important it was for me to have my family there during that important moment…what a special night it was!

Ceremony | The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church

Reception | Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square

Ceremony Coordinator | Jenny Mercandetti

Caterer | Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square

Photography | Matthew Tennison

Florist | Vince Butera

DJ | Koko Brothers

Band | Apollonia