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Why we film weddings!

We have been filming weddings for the past 7 years, and my favorite part of filming weddings is when brides and grooms receive their final films and send me little notes or thank you cards.  I received this one e-mail from a bride last week that really made my day/week/month!

This is what she sent me,

“To say the short file is unbelievably amazing is an understatement.  It actually took my breath away the first time I watched it.  You are an incredible cinematographer…beyond amazing to be honest.  My husband and I will be forever thankful to you for magically capturing all of our wedding memories.  Every major detail is beautifully outlined in the short film alone. Similar to a good movie trailer, it makes you anxious to watch the whole wedding film in its entirety!!  Derek, you and your team were wonderful to work with and we can not sing your praises enough.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Ivy & Larue

You can enjoy her beautiful short film below,

I also received this card and flip book from another bride and groom two last week.  At the wedding they had a “flip book” photo booth, so the photographers, JPG Photography and I had a lot of fun with the bride and groom creating our very own flip book.  It was so cool that they saved it for me and mailed it after the wedding was finished so I could have a great memory of their wedding!

Enjoy their wedding film here.